Hello world!

Welcome to the new and improved AppFab

Yes, we have been silent for a while but now we back. We apologise for being unavailable for so long but we hope the wait is worth it.

We have redeveloped the app and website from scratch and added many new features. Explore our new site and our improved mobile apps. We are sure there is something for everybody.

We would also like to hear from you. Is there something you would like us to add? Just email us with your suggestions on info@appfab.co.za and we will see if it is possible.

Our aim is to be a uniquely South African LGBTIQ+ portal that links all the pink news, entertainment and businesses in one place. We will gladly list your business, venue or event on AppFab. Contact us via the various links and send us the details.

AppFab – It’s a FAB Life

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