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  • Kim Cattrall is in the Horrible Histories movie and we have some questions
    “All hail my son, Emperor Nero” Let us set the scene. You’re hurriedly walking into work, running around 10 minutes late with no time to grab your morning Pret 99p filter coffee, when all of the sudden you see something out of the corner of your eye. As a double-decker… Read more »
  • LGBTQ+ spots to spend the sweltering London summer
    By Ifan Llewelyn Yes, thanks to rising carbon emissions we’ve all been plunged into a fiery inferno of our own making. HOORAY! While the rest of the country are running into Asda to pick up a paddling pool and frolicking through open fields, us Londoners are left wandering the concrete… Read more »
  • How To Survive The Heatwave
    By Dylan B Jones When the temperature hits anything upwards of 26 degrees in London, the streets of places like Angel and Covent Garden become absolute carnarge – girls called Sophie fall headfirst out of Wahaca, mojito in one hand, taco in the other; bins overflow with Sainsbury’s mini sausage… Read more »
  • There’s an LGBT+ garage night happening in East London tonight
    Our fave thing about the London scene is its diversity. That’s a buzz word that sometimes gets chucked around too liberally, but it really does apply to London’s kaleidoscopic queer scene, which plays host to POC nights, nights for queer Jewish people, nights for queer disabled people and tonight, GAY… Read more »
  • Look Good, Feel Gorgeous – Tony Flynn talks getting (and maintaining) a summer body
    Work, work, work Lads, they say a summer body is built in winter. However, it’s mid-July now and it seems like only yesterday we were munching down on mince pies. So is there a quick-fix to get us all looking like beach gods before that all important summer vacay?! We… Read more »
  • The Queer Icons That Also Need to Feature on Pound Notes
    When it was announced this week that code-breaker Alan Turing had been chosen to appear on the £50 note, it was a welcome and liberating moment for queer people across the UK. In reality though, many of us rarely come in contact with £50 notes unless we’re working a till… Read more »
  • #JULIASAYS – Discerning scene musings from the Princess of East London!
    Discerning scene musings from the Princess of East London What’s your favourite meme or hashtag? Can we eeerm… #discuss. We all succumb to phases of overuse. Well, I do! From a #tbt to a #bts (behind the scenes not the boy band). A ‘felt cute might delete later’ or a… Read more »
  • The Best of Summer Cabaret
    By Jason Reid Pride in London is done and dusted for another year (wasn’t it a corker?!) and venue bookers and QX staff are finally catching their breath for the first time in over a month, BUT there’s still a wealth of brilliant summer cabarets and shows to experience throughout… Read more »
  • Queer Conspiracy Theories – the mad, the sad and the bad
    Whether it’s being trapped in a YouTube rabbit hole of videos about a superior race of lizards, or looking into some madness Trump just tweeted that you’re quite sure isn’t true, it seems as though there’s been a recent spike in interest when it comes to conspiracy theories. With populism… Read more »
  • QX Meets… Lucy Whittaker
    Queer pop powerhouse Lucy Whittaker is taking over the industry, one Pride at a time. Flipping her blonde locks over the shoulder of a blue silk tracksuit, chest pumping to her new track’s pumping beat, Lucy Whittaker commands attention as she takes to the stage of Mayfair member’s club The… Read more »
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