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  • Salomé at the Greenwich Theatre – ‘a daring take that puts production before performance’
    ★★☆☆☆ by Ifan Llewelyn When it comes to Oscar Wilde’s legacy, his theatrical works are often lost in the overarching narrative of a man persecuted his society. His plays are often only looked to after you’ve tired of Dorian Grey, De Profundis and his Ballad of Reading Goal. For a man mostly… Read more »
  • Getting to Know… Marnie Scarlet
    Jason Reid chats to renowned fetish seamstress Marnie Scarlet about Drag Race feuds, inspirations and more. Marnie Scarlet is one of the most unique artists I’ve come across in my two decades on London’s multifarious cabaret scene. As well as being an accomplished designer, captivating performer and mentor to many,… Read more »
  • #JULIASAYS – Discerning scene musings from the princess of East London!
    Discerning scene musings from the princess of East London! Having a good time is exhausting! In a good way…doing the rounds and supporting all the great things going on in our community is exciting and rewarding. Our weekend starts with Haus of Slopulence at The Karaoke Hole on Thursday 16th… Read more »
  • QX PREVIEW: Fitladz
    The cheeky chappy night has gone weekly Come on, we ALL fancy guys in trakkies don’t we. Everyone fancies guys in trakkies or grey sweatpants. Well, everyone who’s attracted to guys anyway. And people who aren’t, are probably attracted to GIRLS in trakkies or grey sweatpants. What is it about… Read more »
  • AI: More than Human at the Barbican – ‘a whistle-stop tour that poses man against machine’
    ★★★★ by Ifan Llewelyn Out cultural flirtations with how we think of the future is in constant flux. How we think of our technological future has come a long way since The Jetsons whizzed across our televisions back in the ’60s in bubble hover cars. The excitement of what advancements were coming… Read more »
  • LGBT PLUS asks: Are you a Sex Addict or do you just like a lot of sex? 
    Stephen Hanscomb, Head of LGBT mental health service LGBT Plus, explores the ins and outs of sex addiction. What is too much sex? The addiction label is thrown around a lot these days, the jury is out over technical definitions of the word relating to sex, but at the end… Read more »
  • QX PREVIEW: SBN Brighton
    London’s super-popular naked/cruise night SBN (“Stark Bollock Naked”) has now branched out to Brighton! They’ve already had a couple of parties down there that have gone swimmingly, and they’re back again tomorrow for another night of sun, sea and sex! It’s billed as “the UK’s largest naked party” – perfect… Read more »
  • A night’s stay on the actual Spice Bus will soon be on AirBnb
    Every boy and every girl wanted to spice up their lives with a ride on the infamous Spice Bus. With Meatloaf at the wheel, who knows where the Union Jack double-decker could take you. Well, thanks to AirBnb it’ll soon be driving you right into dreamland. The original bus which… Read more »
  • TRAVEL: Palm Springs
    This year’s go-to destination for gay sun-chasers Looking out on a drizzly, grey afternoon in May, your mind can’t help but drift away to an afternoon drenched in sun spent sipping on a margarita, feeling the granules of a salt rim tickling your lips. Bundled in knitwear is no way… Read more »
  • QX meets…HATARI
    The world needs more bands like HATARI – three young people who have cast off the eternally grinning, pastel-hued, insta-smoothie sensibilities of their generation in favour of leather, fags and booze. Their rock-metal sound might not be for everyone, but despite what some unimaginative journalists have said (we won’t name… Read more »
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