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  • They Said What? Nominations Open Anti-Gay Comments Awards
    Nominations for the Australian Gay And Lesbian Outrageous Ridiculous And Ignorant Comments Awards (GLORIAs) are now open. The awards, held every year, draw attention to outrageous, ignorant and ridiculous comments made about the LGBTIQ community. With organiser’s handing out awards across media, religion, anonymous idiots, politics and sport. There’s also… Read more »
  • Mike Pence Attended Trump Fundraiser At Gay-Owned Club
    Vice President Mike Pence is rumoured to have attended a fundraising event at an Aspen club owned by two gay men. The Aspen Times reported Pence, local Republicans and 25 couples rubbed shoulders at the exclusive Caribou Club on July 22. Attending the event did not come cheap for the… Read more »
  • Dustin by Blake Yelavich
    PHOTOGRAPHER: Blake Yelavich | InstagramMODEL: Dustin Fouts | Instagram Read more »
  • Kosmas by Xanthos Georgiou
    PHOTOGRAPHER: Xanthos Georgiou| InstagramMODEL: Kosmas Kaffes | Instagram Read more »
  • Bjorn Molmans by Martijn Smouter – Part 2
    PHOTOGRAPHER: Martijn Smouter | Website | InstagramMODEL: Bjorn Molmans | InstagramBRAND: Teamm8 | Website  Built on swimwear and quick-dry fabrics, all styles have been designed to offer not only maximum comfort for swimming but also a sporty-cheeky look to rule the waves or the gym. www.teamm8.com Read more »
  • Ben by Alejandro Ramirez
    PHOTOGRAPHER: Alejandro Ramirez| InstagramMODEL: Ben Dudman | Instagram | Twitter Read more »
  • Cory by Paul Jamnicky
    PHOTOGRAPHER: Paul Jamnicky | InstagramMODEL: Cory Myles | Instagram www.modusvivendi.com Read more »
  • Benji Condie and James Sheahan by James Demitri – Part 1
    PHOTOGRAPHER: James Demitri | Website | InstagramMODEL: Benji Condie | InstagramMODEL: James Sheahan | InstagramBRAND: Teamm8 | Website  Looking to take your outfit to the next level? The limited edition collection of TEAMM8 Harnesses and Jockstraps is your option then. The new party accessory features a logo embossed shoulder strap harness crossing at the back and linked to a black rubber ring. Get party ready and pop out… Read more »
  • Singer Duncan James Says He’s Proud To Be Gay!
    British singer, Duncan James formerly with Blue, has used Instagram to proudly tell the world he’s gay and has a hunky boyfriend! It’s been journey that has taken a few years as the 41-year-old singer has said previously he had to deal with his own issues. Over the last month… Read more »
  • Ian by Benjamin Veronis
    PHOTOGRAPHER: Benjamin Veronis| Website| InstagramMODEL: Ian Utterback| Instagram Read more »
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